Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pie #6 Apple Crumb Pie

Here is the recipe for today’s pie Apple Crumb Pie


And the verdict on yesterdays Mile High Peanut Brownie Pie

I would give this pie 4 stars for ease of preparation just because it has a lot of different steps.  This Pie is totally over the top when it comes to richness.  When I was making it I thought it was a bit weird and not really my idea of a pie.  I probably would probably only make this again if I wanted to put someone into a diabetic coma.  BUT THAT SAID…

It had good flavors in very small quantities my husband said it’s like a 12-15 person pie and he gave it 4 stars for taste. MY KIDS LOVED IT !! Really what’s not for a kid to love… brownies, peanut butter, cool whip it was right up their alley. But I’ll just say it’s very unique.  :)

Pie # 6 Apple Crumb Pie

First off you’ll need another crust (yeah!)

012  Then you need to peel core and chop 6 cups of sliced apples ( I really used about 7 cups)


Then you add cinnamon, nutmeg, flour and sugar to a bowl and give it a mix.

023 024

Add the mixture to the apples and give it a stir.

026 030

Dump the apples into your unbaked pie shell.


 Then you mix up your crumb topping which more flour, brown sugar and flour. Once this mixture is crumbly you add it to the top of the apples.


It says to loosely cover this with foil and bake it at 375 for 25 minutes, then you remove the foil and bake it again for another 25-30 min.



FYI - I don’t think  the foil part of this is  necessary.  I have a recipe for this kind of pie already and I never cover it with foil and it always is just fine.




This pie has a variation already in the recipe it says you could add raisins and chopped walnuts to the apples and then add the crumb topping and bake it (that sounded nasty to me so I didn’t do that) BUT what I thought might be great was instead of this normal crumb topping to use the PECAN CRUMB TOPPING that I listed as my variation to Pie #1. 

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