Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pie #3 Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie

 Here is the recipe for today’s pie Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie

The verdict for yesterday’s Rustic Autumn Fruit Tart
I would make this again.  I made a tiny little one for our family and my kids gobbled it up in a second it was a big hit.  My kids said that they would give it 5 stars for taste and I give it a 4.5 stars for ease of preparation. The other review is posted in the comments!

Pie #3 Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie
This pie was also very easy to make and was very quick.  First you melt in the microwave one bag of semi-sweet chips into 3/4 cups of heavy whipping cream it took mine just over 1 minute to melt.  I stopped once at 30 seconds and gave it a stir.
Mix all of the chocolate into the cream until it’s nice and smooth.  Then you let this sit until it’s room temperature.
This recipe calls for a chocolate cookie crust.  The wonderful store I went to didn’t have chocolate crusts (grumble) so while the filling was cooling to room temperature I made a crust.   I used a gallon size zip top bag and beat the heck out of one and half rows of chocolate sandwich cookies with my rolling pin.
010 After you get your cookies into crumbs you mix them together with melted butter until they are moist and start to stick together.
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Then you dump your crumbs into a pie tin and start forming a crust.  I have found that using a glass to push the crumbs down makes this process go very quickly.  Then I baked this for about 10 min at 375 degrees.
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After your chocolate has reached room temperature you stir in your powdered sugar and vanilla.
Meanwhile in a small bowl you mix another 3/4 cups of heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form.  From there you mix in the chocolate mixture 1/3 at a time until it’s all incorporated then you pour it into your crust and refrigerate it for 8 hours.  P.S. if you made your curst don’t forget to let it cool before you add the filling!
After it’s done in the refrigerator garnish it as desired.  You could whip up the remaining heavy whipping cream add vanilla and sugar and add that to the top and then add some mini chocolate chips or chocolate shavings or raid your kids Halloween candy and chopped up a few mini candy bars for the top.  I’ll post a picture of the finished product when it’s all finished.
So I love mint and chocolate together so that is where my idea comes from today.  AND because I just happened to have some Andes baking chips in my pantry.  So I only wanted a small ramekin sized one AND I wanted it to be a few less calories so this is what I did.  I melted 1/2 cup of Andes chips into about 2 TB spoons of milk.  Then I let that cool to room temperature.  Once it was room temperature I gently folded it into some light cool whip and place it into my ramekin and then placed it into the refrigerator.  A dollop of cool whip on top followed by a sprinkle of a few more chips and ENJOY!
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The Verdict
My taster gave this pie a 4 stars for taste.  This pie delivers on its name it is very rich.  But the consistency was a little strange you want it to be a little bit more fluffy than it turns out to be but the flavor is still good.
It gets a 4.5 stars for ease of preparation it was easy to make but I don’t think I would make it again. OH p.s. we really liked the chocolate mint pie yummy!


Steph said...

Jaime - I'm with you on the pumpkin pie - yuck! I've never liked it. Now this Chocolate Truffle Pie is right up my alley. I'm going to have to try this one! Wish you could bring me a piece of it over! :)

Sharon@thisthriftyhouse said...

Ok--I love the idea or the Andes mint pie!! Yum. This one looks good!