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Pie # 12 Raspberry Truffle Tart

Here is the recipe for pie # 12 Raspberry Truffle Tart


And the verdict on Mom’s Pumpkin Pie

I give this pie a 4.5 stars for ease of preparation it’s your basic pumpkin pie and it was fun to make.  I think this pie gets a 4 stars for taste.  Anyone who tried it said that the flavor was good but the texture was different than that of most pumpkin pies.  There was a general consensus that it was a little bit like pudding (sort of).  It was still good but everyone like their own personal recipe a little better.

Pie #12 Raspberry Truffle Tart

Sorry this is a day late I didn’t have any fresh/frozen raspberries and the journey to get said fruit is a harrowing tale of locked in car keys and aimless wandering for 2.5 hours.  I’ll spare you the detail and just do the post already.

First you’ll need an pie crust when it’s ready you bake your crust for 7 minutes in a preheated 375 degree oven.


While it’s baking you whip up an egg white (save the yolk you’ll need it later)and finely chop up some almonds.

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After your crust has baked for 7 minutes you take it our and gently brush it with the egg white and sprinkle it with the chopped almonds.  Return it to the oven until it is nice and brown and fully cooked.

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While it’s cooling you mix up your filling which is 6 oz of Bakers Semi-Sweet chocolate (chopped) and 1/4 cup of butter melted in a saucepan.

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Once it’s melted you remove it from the heat and mix in two egg yolks.  But it back on the burner and cook it on low until it thickens about 3 minutes.

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Then pour it into your prepare pie shell and line it with your fruit.  I only had frozen mixed fruit but it seems to have worked just fine.

 060 061

Then you heat up some raspberry jam and drizzle it over the top of all the fruit.  I just used my raspberry freezer jam that I made this year


Then you heat up 1 oz of semi-sweet bakers chocolate with 1 tsp of oil and drizzle that all over the top of the fruit.

 063 064

Top it with sliced (or chopped) almonds and ENJOY!

066The Verdict

This was another really fun pie to make and I would give it a 3.75 stars for ease of preparation just because there are a lot of steps.   I would really like to try this tart with fresh fruit instead of frozen, though the frozen fruit didn’t seem to be that big of a deal BUT IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE FROZEN FRUIT YOU NEED TO SERVE IT IMMEDIATLY, or you can make a fruit compote out of your frozen fruit and serve it later.  I did like the variety of fruit instead of just only having raspberries.  This pie gets a 4 stars for taste.  The combination of the chocolate and the fruit was a big hit.  I personally would like to try it without the layer of chocolate on the bottom just the fruit with the drizzle of chocolate on the top.  I will probably make this again this summer when all of our berries are ripe!

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Anonymous said...

The finished product of this pie looks BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want to eat it... if only there was no chocolate. Are you going to post any pictures or how too's of things you made for the holiday sale thing?