Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Changing Pad Tutorial

Here is the changing pad I made for my sister. And a tutorial if you want to make one too. This Changing Pad is Absorbent

Note: A person experience about changing pads.

I have five children.  I remember getting my first changing pad with baby #1 (I think it came with the diaper bag they give you in the hospital) and thinking how great it was because it had plastic on it so it could be easily cleaned and the “wee” or “woo” wouldn’t soak through and get on things.  Then I gave birth and brought my little darling girl home.  I started using my changing pad. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I placed the changing pad over the bed spread and gently laid my little baby or top of it and proceeded to change her diaper.  I got her diaper off and was reaching for a new one when I noticed she is “weeing” everywhere.  I think I’m so glad I used the changing pad, now my bed won’t be wet.  Yeah!! Boy was I WRONG!!! Not only had the pee I mean “wee” rolled off the plastic changing pad and gotten my bed soaked but it had also soaked my poor little baby.  She was soaked with “wee'” from head to foot.  It was all in her hair and everything.  After this happened a few more times, Yes she had an incredible talent for “weeing” while her diaper was off.  I gave up on the stupid non-absorbent changing pad. 

Evolution of changing Pads from a Mother of 5

Baby #1 Plastic Changing Pad

Baby #2 Absorbent/ cloth Changing Pad

Baby #3 Use changing pad in public restrooms only. At home use clean diaper as a changing pad

Baby #4 Mostly rely on your amazing diaper changing speed. No changing pad necessary. Never change baby in public.

Baby #5  “Would someone please put a diaper on that kid!” JK

Sewing Supplies


Edge Fabric


*absorbent material



Cut your fabric for the back of the changing pad to your desired size.  Mine ended up being 22” X 16 3/4”


Cut your absorbent material and your towel the same size as the back fabric.  * I got my absorbent material at Big Lots in the baby section.  It says it will hold up to 4 times its own weight in wetness. But you could also use a cloth diaper, or several layers of flannel.



Place them on top of each other, the back on the bottom the absorbent material in the middle and the towel on top.


Top stich them all together on 3 sides leaving one of the small ends completely open.



Next you’ll need your edge fabric. I cut 2 long strips about 6 1/2 “ x 60” I had extra so if you want to make the length a little shorter than works to.


Fold the strip in half and iron to form a crease.


then fold the side in to meet in the middle and iron again.


Do it again with the other side.


Lay the strip front sides together on your changing pad.  Starting with the long sides.


Trim the edge material so it is the length of your long side and top stich it on.


Flip it over and fold the edge to the other side of the changing pad.


Top stich the first edge on.


Do the same thing with the other long side.


Then again with the short side that has been sewn closed.


Fold the changing pad to figure out where you would like it to close.  The open end should be the bottom of your changing pad.


Next top stich the small side on but don’t fold over and finish off.


Cut a piece of Velcro to fit inside the edges of the changing pad.  This should be the soft side of Velcro, because it could come in contact with the baby’s head.


Pin it down and sew it on.


Once it’s sewn on, finish off this end by folding the edge over to the other side and top stitching. (just like the other edges)


Next you need to figure out where to put the other piece of Velcro.  I folded it down and lifted up the edge until I could see the Velcro.059

Then I used a pen to make a line on the fabric.


Lined the Velcro up with the line I drew and pined it down.


Then opening the end up I sewed the Velcro onto the back of the changing pad.


Then take a needle and thread and hand stich closed the four corners.


All done.


p.s. I am completely aware that I used a white towel for a changing pad Smile


Joyce said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I have under 4 weeks to go till baby 4 is here. Or 7. Depends how you look at it!

But I just want something to use at the shops.....dont like putting them straight on those change tables!

PaperVine said...

Great tutorial and awesome idea
Thanks for sharing

Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things} said...

Very cute! Thank you so much for linking this up with {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
I hope to see you again tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Very nice tutorial