Monday, November 15, 2010

Pie # 15 Pumpkin Maple Pie Supreme

Here is the recipe for today’s pie Pumpkin Maple Pie Supreme


And the verdict on yesterday’s Sour Cream Apple Pie Deluxe. This pie was very different from any other apple pie I have ever made. It was fun trying a new recipe and I give it a 4 stars for ease of preparation.  As for taste it got a average of 4 stars with 5 being the high and 3 being the low.   Their kids loved this pie but what the generally consensus from the adults was it’s not like the pie doesn’t taste good, it does but the whole time you’re eating it you kind of would just rather have normal apple pie.  And that is what we thought too from our tiny little bites of it.  BUT after speaking with the person who received this pie this morning I went to try another tiny bite of it and I actually thought this pie got better sitting in the refrigerator all night, though it’s hard to judge a pie on just one bite.  I also want to add that you really need to have the crumb topping on each bite it helps out the flavor of the pie a lot.  I wouldn’t make this pie again but I wouldn’t discourage someone else from trying it.  It was different and worth a try.

Pumpkin Maple Pie Supreme

First you’ll need an unbaked pie shell.

012 This is the first pie that requires a real sugar pumpkin.  Using a real pumpkin is really easy to do BUT if you don’t have one then canned pumpkin works great.  I just happened to have two pumpkins that we grew in our garden this year so I used those.  I just chopped them into quarters, scooped out the seeds and pulp, poured a little water in the bottom of the pan, covered it with foil and baked them at 350 degrees for about 1 hour.

002 003


When they were finished baking I just used a spoon to scoop all of the middle away from the skin.  Then I mashed it until it was smooth with a potato masher.

 031 032

Measure out 1 1/2 cups of pumpkin and add your brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and salt and give it a mix.

035 036

Then you add your maple syrup, half and half and flour and give it another mix.  Then you add your 3 eggs one at a time mixing after each addition.

039 040

Once it’s mixed really well pour your filling into your pie shell and bake at 350 for about 60 minutes.  Mine took way longer than that maybe like 80 min.  Cool and ENJOY!



The Verdict

Well it was fun to use a real pumpkin but it always takes a little longer to do that so I would give this recipe when using a real pumpkin a 3.5 stars for ease of preparation.   As for taste it gets 3.75 – 4 stars.  You can really taste the maple which pairs well with the pumpkin the only  problem is that it is a little too sweet.  So if you were going to try this pie out I would suggest cutting down on the sugar.  The maple syrup we used was really sugary so you could also use one that wasn’t so sugary and that would solve the problem too.

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