Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mrs. Wages Pizza Sauce

I make a lot of pizza, so one thing I do to make it faster and cheaper is to can my own pizza sauce.   But I kind of cheat.  One year I tried Mrs. Wages Pizza Sauce mix and have been using it ever since. It’s fast & easy.  You only need, tomatoes, a packet of mix and some sugar.  You can find it at Wal*Mart for a couple of bucks and 1 packet makes enough for about 20 pizzas (depending on how saucy you like your pizza).  Also It says to can it in pints but I always use 1/2 pints so I don’t have leftover sauce when I actually make the pizza.  I can get 2 pizzas from 1/2 a pint. 

*A*- I have other tomato recipes too, send me your email address and I’ll send you some! Smile


FYI- Try buying it at the end of the season on clearance and saving it for next year.

Mrs. Wages also has lots of other products.  The only other one I have tried it the Pasta Sauce and we liked it too, but only after it had set on the shelf for about 6 months.  Weird, I know but it kind of mellows out over time. But I liked enough to make more this year.


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*A* said...

HIP HIP HOORAY! Thank you so much for posting this! My e-mail is: andrastoker at yahoo dot com. Thanks a million. Do I just blend my tomatoes up in a blender add the sauce and then pressure cook it? How long? I'm in UT, elevation 5K Thanks a million. I LOVE your blog!

Katrina Berg said...

I'm making the pizza sauce right now and am wondering if yours is also very thin? I mixed 10 cups of pureed tomatoes in with the mix and sugar to make the sauce to equal the 5 pints the package says it makes. Is this what you do as well?