Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pancake Bake

I modified an awesome Christmas breakfast recipe from my husbands family to deal with leftover pancakes. You of course could use bread instead of pancakes, but either way it’s yummy.


The original recipe is made in a 9X13 pan but we can’t even come close to eating that much so we make half of it and make it in a 8.5 X 11 pan or an 8X8 pan.

First you’ll need to cover the bottom of the pan with slices of buttered Texas toast or buttered pancakes * note on the pancakes if you just happen to have leftover apple cinnamon pancakes they work AWESOME in this recipe. 


If I’m using pancakes I also cover them with a little maple syrup. 


Then you cover the pancakes with a healthy layer of cheese and bacon or sausage.  We prefer sausage, especially maple flavored sausage.  Seriously go with the sausage. (I never said it was healthy, just yummy)


Cover that with another layer of buttered pancakes, or bread.


Then in a separate bowl mix together

6-7 eggs

1/2 quart of milk

1 tsp. of Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper


pour it over the pancake bake and put it in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or overnight.


Bake at 325-350 degrees for 1 hour.  Then Enjoy!

Sorry there are no after pictures it was already eaten before I could get any. 

On the horizon

  • French Herb Bread (seriously awesome bread)
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  • Crumble Top Banana bread
  • 027_thumb


Unknown said...

You have leftover pancakes??!!! I NEVER have them leftover. I would have to make them to make this recipe!!! It looks amazing. I make something similar for Christmas morning with bread on the bottom, egg and sausage mixture poured over and topped with cheese. Sits in the fridge overnight and is ready to pop in on a busy gift opening morning!! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon@thisthriftyhouse said...

That looks amazing! I am definately going to have to try this one!! And I am still trying to decide which pie recipe to submit! I haven't forgotten!! :O)

Diane said...

That recipe sounds pretty good! I may have to whip some up!