Thursday, September 8, 2011

Highway Carrot Robbery

So have you ever noticed that you can buy a 3lb. bag of baby carrots for around $5.99 and sitting right next to it is a 10lb. bag of “adult” carrots for the same price?? Yet time and again you buy the bag of baby carrots because they’re more convenient even though you are being totally robbed? Well a couple of years ago I got a huge crop of carrots from my garden and it has changed how I buy carrots ever since.  Basically that summer when I had carrots coming out of my ears I discovered that by just taking a little time you can transform your “adult” carrots into a convenient snack and you can just say “NO!” to overpriced baby carrots. It’s super simple and it works really well.

So you’ll need carrots, peeler, 9X13 Tupperware with lid and water.


It’s simple, peel your carrots and fill up your Tupperware. Mare sure you leave room at the top for the lid to go on. 


This bag happened to contain skinny carrots so I just left them whole.  But you can cut them into sticks if need be.


Once your Tupperware is full of carrots then you just cover them with cold water and store them in your refrigerator.  It keeps them nice and crunchy.  Plus they are ready to eat whenever you kids need a quick healthy snack. Or when you need carrots for a recipe.


I keep them on the bottom so the kids can just reach in a get one out.  They last for a long time like this, but truthfully at our house they’re gobbled up pretty quickly.  


There you go a random carrot tip. FYI this does NOT work for celery!!  Also some of you might be wondering why I don’t buy a 25 lb. bag of carrots from Cash and Carry for $5.99 and save even more money.  And the answer is simple, those carrots are nasty for fresh eating.

But they do make awesome soup!

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Lori Faas said...

I laughed when I read this. I do not like baby carrots but love "adult" ones. I think that they have a different taste! When I was pregnant with my son I CRAVED fresh cut boiled carrots and I still love them!