Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ducks are LAME!! Bathroom redo

Once upon a time, I had two little girls (3 and 1) and a new house to decorate.  Me, being a nice mommy let them pick between a couple of choices for their bathroom. They, mostly the 3 year old picked ducky’s I thought it turned out pretty cute.  Now fast forward 6 years and another 3 kids and apparently “DUCKS ARE LAME!” On Saturday morning the kids are responsible for cleaning their bathroom.  One Saturday they decided to not only clean it but start the redecorating process for me, you know cause “DUCKS ARE LAME, MOM!” I had some really awesome pictures of them ripping down the ducky border in protest of its lameness, but I can’t find them, so lame.  But anyway it really was time for a makeover and really I didn’t do much but remove the ducky-ness. This make over cost me about $10.00.  I know, I know I’m a big spender.

Yes, it’s kind of a joke, the post I mean. Serious bathroom redoers beware

Now for some before and after.

Before duck shower curtain.


After – polka-dot shower curtain


Before ducky border & weird space behind the door.


After no ducky border & what about the weird space behind the door… still there.


Before – ducky trashcan


After Blue trashcan.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the new trashcan.  Devastating I know, basically it looks like the duck one, only blue.

Before- cool blue paint


After – cool blue paint, okay it’s the same blue paint.  Like I dug around in the garage for 20 minutes until I found the 6 year old gallon of the same blue paint. What can I say I’m dedicated. (feel free to pretend like it’s a different color since the lighting in the bathroom is so awesome it looks like 2 different colors) OH and 6 year old paint…works awesome!


Okay enough before and after here are some other random things.

These little guys stayed because how often do you see a sink and bathtub, toothbrush holder and soap dish?? Answer: not often



I really want something decorative to go above these towels but I just can’t decide what.  It’s annoying me. seriously


That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed it .

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Everyday Art said...

Cute! I have a thing for polka dots, so I love the new look. Good job. :)

Tracy said...

You can never go wrong with blue & white in a bathroom (or a kitchen for that matter) - it's such a clean look.
I also have a thing for polka dots and I think it looks much better than those lame ducks.

Delaney said...

Love the updated look! Polka spots for the win!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

my kind of makeover right there! Functional, and super cute.

Delaney said...

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