Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pie #17 Bumbleberry Pie


Today’s pie comes from Jess of Life’s Simple Measures.  Jess says this about her pie. This pie is by far one of my most favorite pies I have ever made or tasted (and easiest!).  I used a homemade pie crust from one my recipe books, which turned out flakey and buttery.  The crust is JAM PACKED with various types of berries and it all comes together for a truly winning dessert. Make sure to stop by and tell Jess you saw her pie!



2 c. all purpose flour

2 tsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 c. unsalted butter, cut into chunks

1/2 c. butter-flavored shortening, cut into chunks

2 tsp. lemon juice

4 to 8 tbsp. ice water



1/2 c. ground fresh or frozen cranberries

2 apples, shredded, skins on

2 c. fresh or frozen raspberries

2 c. fresh or frozen blueberries

1 c. chopped strawberries

1 c. finely diced rhubarb

1 c. sugar

2 tbsp. all purpose flour

1 tbsp. cornstarch

Finishing Touches:

Milk, for brushing

Sugar, for dusting



1.  For crust, place flour in food processor.  Add sugar and salt and process 20 seconds to combine.  Add butter and shortening on top of flour mixture.  Process by pulsing to break up butter and shortening until it looks crumbly.

2.  Drizzle lemon juice and ice water on top and turn machine on for exactly 15 seconds until mixture holds together.

3.  Turn out dough onto lightly floured surface.  Knead very gently for a few seconds to smooth out dough.  Pat into two flattened disks and wrap in plastic.  Chill dough for 1 hour. 

4.  Heat oven to 425°F.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper and place 9-inch pie pan on it.  Roll out one disk of dough on lightly floured surface and place in pan.

5.  For filling, in large bowl gently toss together cranberries, apples, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and rhubarb.  Add flour, sugar, and cornstarch. 

6.  Mound fruit into piecrust.

7.  Roll out remaining disk of dough and place on top of filling.  Crimp sides.

8.  Make air vents with paring knife.  Brush pie top and sides with milk and dust with sugar.

9.  Bake 20 minutes and then reduce oven temperature to 350°F.  Bake another 20 to 25 minutes or until fruit juices bubble out of vents in pie crust.  Let cool to warm on wire rack.



This pie was really easy to make.  Living in berry country I have had bumbleberry pie a few times and I have even canned bumbleberry pie filling.  This is the first one that I’ve made that had apple, rhubarb and cranberries in it.  I would love to try this again when all of my berries in my backyard are on, but for this one I had to use frozen berries.



Elsa said...

Goodness that's a lot of berries. This sounds delicious!

Unknown said...

Omgosh, I'm SO excited to see that you made my pie! Hopefully you liked it as much as I do! Can't wait to see the rest of the pies for month :)

Sharon@thisthriftyhouse said...

This one looks delicious!!! I will have to give this one a try!