Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scrunchie Scarf

  Like all good things my next project started at church.  My friend was wearing a really cute Scrunchie Scarf, so of course I asked about it and she told me where she got it and how much blah, blah.  Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and I asked if I could see it…and upon closer inspection not only was it cute but it also appeared too be super easy to make AND it was!! Thanks to my awesome friend Sharon over at This Thrifty House who taught me all about Shirring from another project she did and let me steal the idea from this summer.  This scarf took me like 5 minutes to make and it was $1.00.  I gave these scarfs to my daughters for Christmas and they love them.
UPDATE: Check out the Scarf I made for myself HERE 
All you need to make them is a scarf and some elastic sewing thread.  Because this was going to be a trial run I got my scarfs from the dollar store.

I used my machine and the elastic thread to sew two lines down the middle of the scarf.
Then I added a little flower that I “borrowed” from another project.
all done!
For the brown one I thought it would be cute to all some ribbon to the shirred part.  I really like how that turned out and you can use the ribbon to cover up the elastic thread. 
You could also add a ribbon rosette.  The dollar store scarfs aren’t long enough for me but they look super cute on the girls. But you could easily do this to any fleece scarf (or you could sew two dollar store scarfs together). I was also toying with the idea of doing a layered one with more than one scarf shirred together on top of each other.  Anyway this is a project I’ll defiantly be playing with.
Here is a picture of it on one of my cuties.


Stuff by Ash said...

I'm sharing this on my blog today, around 2 ish. Thanks for sharing! I love love love it!!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the Wednesday Hop to say hello and to follow.
Have a great day!

kim west said...

I just made a ruffly scarf (with elastic) too chicken to try out the elastic thread! Yours looks adorable! love the embellishments!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

this is so cute!! love the plaid!!

maleahbliss said...

NICE job on this one too! Thanks again for linking up!