Saturday, April 30, 2011

Need a little Laugh

I have been super distracted lately with something's going on in the family.  So I haven’t posted any projects on the ol’ blog.  So when I logged on this morning to start a little post I was really surprised to see a lot of traffic when I haven’t posted anything.  So of course I had to check it out and I was more than a little surprised to see this post at Apartment Therapy.  First off I hadn’t given my permission to post it and no one had even contacted me to let me know they were using it.  But I don’t really care, since I’m not trying to sell anything and really I post stuff so other people can use the ideas and it was an awesome feature.  PLUS it increased my audience.  In one day this post had over 1,000 views and for a little blogger like me that’s a lot.  BUT the funny part is the comments. Seriously the debate about whether my little project should be considered art is hilarious!!  It was just the little laugh I need this morning so thank you! 



Shona said...

Strangely enough, it's exactly how I discovered your blog - although I hadn't even bothered to read the comments! Unfortunately, sometimes *some* of the commenters there are pretentious to the point of hilarity, so I'm glad you laughed at the comments :)

Kat's Purrfect Boutique said...

I was cracking up reading the comments. Each person went over board about everything. I think your project is great and I truly believe that art is subjective.

EmmaJ said...

What a bunch of snobs! Funny to the rest of us who just want pretty homes for our families that our kids can't totally destroy.