Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Raisin Date Nut Bread (yeast)

So I made up another bread recipe today.  ( I know I have a disease) This one was inspired by my trip to the grocery store.  I went there to get the apple cinnamon instant oatmeal for my Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal bread and I saw that Quaker makes a Raisin Date Walnut instant oatmeal and as my luck would have it, it was  on sale so I thought I would try it and (luckily I restrained myself from getting all the varieties that were on sale). 

The Recipe

2 cups of warm water

1/2 cup of honey

2 TBS yeast

5 1/2 – 6 cups of flour (mixture of wheat and bread flour)

5 packets of Raisin Date Walnut instant Oatmeal

3 TBS of butter or canola oil

1 tsp. of salt

add all of the ingredients in your mixing bowl in the above order and mix for 2 minutes add enough flour that your dough just begins to clean the sides of the mixing bowl.  Let rise until it doubles, punch it down and knead it a few times.  Form it into loaves or what have you.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30-32 minutes.  Bask in the heavenly smells emanating from your oven as your bread bakes and ENJOY!!

Today I had enough dough to make 2 loaves plus some pull-a-parts for the kids after school snack.



Lisa said...

What a treat to have such good looking loaves of homemade bread. I just want a nice crusty piece of that.

Miz Helen said...

Your bread is beautiful. I can almost smell it coming out of the oven, it looks delicious. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and hope you have a special week end! Hope to see you next week!