Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick & Easy Doughnuts

I don’t always make goodies for family night treats, but one Monday the kids really wanted a treat.  I didn’t have anything planned, and I didn’t have anything in the pantry.  So we made these quick and easy doughnuts with a can of refrigerator biscuits. The Grands Flaky Layers work really well. (which I don’t usually have at all, but that day I was glad I did) 

It’s really easy, heat your oil in a pan to about 325 degrees.  You might have to play with the temperature depending on where you live


Open the can and cut a hole in the middle of the biscuits .  You could leave them whole, just cook them really well or they will be doughy in the middle. 


Brown the doughnuts and doughnut holes on both sides.


Roll them around in powdered sugar until they are well coated.


That’s it! Enjoy!!

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Tammy said...

Super easy huh? I am going to have to make these with the kids. What a yummy treat!