Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creepy Soap

The kids didn’t have school yesterday, so we made some Halloween crafts.  First we made creep soap, or as my almost 18 month old calls them “scary”


My mom had given me this hunk of clear soap, so we decided to use it for our project.  All you have to do is melt it in the microwave.  Then you add any color or scent you want.


She had also given me some soap dye and some soap sent.  So we used those too.


We found some severed body parts and the Dollar Store, we also used a severed finger mold and some plastic spiders, bats, rats etc.


We put the severed body parts into a muffin pan, and then covered them with the soap.  Some parts we covered completely, and some we left a bit of them showing.


Then you let them harden, it actually doesn’t take that long.


The kids love, them and they can’t seem to stop washing their hands Smile 

We also made some Halloween bows for the girls. I found these little guys, on clearance last year @ Michaels and I thought that they would make perfect bow centers, so I got a  pack of them for about 40 cents.


I wanted to find some ribbon that wasn’t just the typical black and orange.  I love how this one turned out!


And we did do some that were black and orange.


We had a pretty great day.


Calypso In The Country said...

What a fun idea - my kids would love that! Visiting from Not Just a Housewife.

Elle Belles Bows said...

The soap is very cool! My nephews will love it! Very creepy but fun!

Great job on the bows too!


Pamela said...

Love the soaps! I have been thinking about making some soap and just have not gotten around to it. You have inspired!


Anonymous said...

EWE!!! The eyeball one grosses me out! LOVE IT!

Thanks for linking up to Totally Tutorial Tuesdays :)


Rhissanna said...

I came here from the polish teh Stars Halloween linky party. These are really cute!