Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No T.V. all summer!!

The kids are finally out of school!  We get out so late, I kinda hate it but oh well.  So we decided as a family in order to maximize the summer fun we would turn the t.v. off all summer.  We also came up with a simple version of our summer fun list.  I let the kids name off activities they would like to do this summer which were free or mostly free (we came up with 50).  Then we cut them up and put them in a mason jar.  Everyday this summer we will choose a new adventure.  Some of my favorite ideas were

  • have a squirt gun/ water balloon fight.
  • build sandcastles
  • write a play and perform it
  • make cards for our family
  • fashion show with pictures

Plus a lot of regular things like board games, cooking and parks. I can’t wait to get started!



Delaney said...

What a great idea!

*A* said...

Those sound fantastic! Take lots of pictures and let us all know how they are going.

Unknown said...

Cherish every moment. Before you know it they will be teenagers and the activities won't be as simple and yummy.:)

Jenette said...

I love it! You are the coolest mom.

Delaney said...

I've given you the Fabulousity Friday award at Sweet Tea Serendipity!

DaCraftyLady said...

This is a great idea...I love it...and it could be used with just about anything. I was thinking that I might use it in my crochet club. We could choose projects and places we want to do and go to and put them in a jar and then pull them out monthly..how fun...Or you could think of fun outings for even your hubby and you want to go to and every Sunday after church pull one out and do it...oh that is a great idea..hmmm watch out fun jar here we come!!!Thanks for a terrific idea...