Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear, Jenette

No, I haven’t died, and there is nothing wrong with me.  I haven’t been blogging lately it’s true.  BUT I have been doing things.  Just this week I sewed 2 dresses, which I will provide pictures of….someday.  I have been reading A LOT not a lot to blog about there.  I have been cooking and feeding my family, most of it yummy things.  I have been cleaning, grocery shopping, and enjoying my family all of it wonderful, just nothing I felt like blogging about.  It’s true since my surgery I haven’t felt much like blogging, maybe my gall bladder was the organ that ran my blog and now that it’s gone, it wont’ be the same, but I doubt it.  So don’t worry dear sister, I’ll blog again…someday.  Probably someday soon. 

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Jenette said...

It's not your blog, it's you that I was worried about. Glad to hear you are busy again. I hope that you are feeling back to your normal self.